Bring us your clunkers, your kids’ bikes, and carbon race rigs! We are a full service bike shop, here to keep you rolling. Whether you need your tires aired up, a complete overhaul, or new parts installed we are here to help!


The Super Works ROAD
The total package. Everything you need and some things you don't, because you deserve it. Complete disassembly and cleaning, new bar tape of your choosing, new chain, new cables, new brake pads, complete lubrication of all bearings, all bolts tightened to torque spec, wheels trued, you name it. You say pump, we say how much PSI?
The Works
Treat your bike to some much needed TLC! Full cleaning and disassembly, lubrication of all bearings and chain, new cables and brake fluids, perfectly adjusted gears and brakes, all bolts torqued to spec, tires pumped up.. Great for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines Day, or any day!
Deluxe Tune Up
One up on the old standard, the Deluxe Tune Up includes a cleaning  and complete drivetrain scrubbing, cables lubricated, fully adjusted gears and brakes, chain lube,wheels trued, bearings adjusted,  tires pumped, and all bolts tightened.
Tune Up
This is our standard tune up, and will make your bike ready to ride for the upcoming season! This includes a cleaning, cables & chain lubricated, fully adjusted gears and brakes, wheels trued, bearings adjusted, bolts tightened, and tires pumped up.
Check Over
A great service for a bike that hasn't been ridden in awhile, or for a new department store bike to insure proper assembly. This includes an inspection of the bike, bolts tightened, air in the tires, chain lubrication and any 2 of the following: brake adjustment, gear adjustment, wheel truing, cleaning, cable lubrication.
Wheel building
Custom wheel builds available, spokes, hubs, and rims separate. Free if all components purchased at Doug's.

À La Carte

Wheel truing
Gear or Brake Adjustment
New tube & Installation
Misc Installs
Air in Tires