Entry Level Bike Shortages

June 3, 2020

Given the current Covid 19 landscape with many recreational activities, sports leagues, and gyms closed this has been a remarkable season for the cycling industry. Though we are very fortunate to have met so many new cyclists over the last 3 months this has led to widespread shortages of bikes under the $2000 price point, including almost all Hybrid, Comfort, Hardtail MTB, and entry level road bikes. We are working with our suppliers to bring more of these high demand categories back into our store but early estimates suggest that we will be without these models and price points until mid to late July at the earliest. This is not a local phenomenon but a national and international issue affecting nearly every major brand in the cycling industry that was caused by a combination of overwhelming demand that was unanticipated due to shutdowns as well as supply chain issues related to factories having to shut down in many countries. We are asking for your understanding and patience over these next few weeks as the industry responds to these challenges and we would like you to know that we are doing everything possible to get these models back in stock and back to you, our customers.